The Associate Hardship Fund

Helping associates through hard times
Associate Hardship Fund

The RK Cares Associate Hardship Fund is available to assist Rural King Associates who are experiencing economic hardship and are unable to afford housing, utilities, and other basic living needs because of a qualified disaster, life-threatening illness or injury, death or other catastrophic or extreme circumstances beyond the associates' control.

Who is Eligible?

All RK Administrative Services, LLC associates who are currently employed part-time or full-time for at least 60 days prior to submitting this application AND have experienced a qualifying incident (see details in application) within 60 days of the date of application. In the case of death of an associate, then spouse, domestic partner, or eligible dependents may apply. IRS documentation may be required to show dependent status. An associate can only be approved for assistance once within a twelve-month period. If you would like to learn more, and view or complete the application, please follow this link:

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Chaplin Services

Caring for our associates is, and will always be, the top priority of our company.
Regular Visits

Regularly scheduled Chaplain visits to all Rural King locations along with access to your Chaplains 24-7, 365 days a year.


Ability to discuss confidential issues such as stress, parenting, marriage, finance, addiction, aging parents, illness, perform funerals or memorial services, and more.

In-person Meetings

In-person meetings outside of work and visits to places such as hospitals, nursing homes, jails, etc.

RK Benefits

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We are so glad you have chosen to be a part of the Rural King family, and we are proud to call you associates. Every day our associcates shop up with smiling faces for our customers. Thank you for helping us serve our communities!